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“There is no denying the wild horse in us.”
– Virginia Woolf


Welcome to Wild At Heart Equine Assisted Therapy located at Kin Kin on the picturesque Sunshine Coast of Queensland.

When people need support for mental health, yet traditional talk therapy intimidates them, horse therapy and art therapy are gentle applications to consider. These alternatives to Westernised modalities promote a relational and experiential somatic practice utilising nervous system self-regulation tools to build emotional strength. 

During a session with the horses, their silent yet purposeful and organic methods of communication invite clients to experience self-presence and personal competency, resulting in improved social and psychological health

All sessions are self-paced and tailor-made, incorporating a trauma-informed approach to counselling. In this safe environment, clients have the opportunity to heal.

The Wild at Heart Experience


Day retreats are offered for people to work on a specific theme, i.e. self-care, healthy boundaries, self-confidence, etc. They run for a full day and…

Equine assisted therapy differs from traditional counselling due to nature-based sessions. Here, the client is assisted in being physically…

The aim of our ridden sessions is planned around focussing on building capacity for children with disabilities, be they physical, mental or emotional….

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We are taking enquiries now for all of our Equine Assisted Therapy Sessions, available from February 2024, reach out to us now and let’s talk.

Wild At Heart Book

Alienor le Gouvello recalls her 5330km Australian outback trek as, “That feeling of freedom, just my horses, myself and nature…”


Our most frequently asked questions are answered here. However, if a question still needs to be answered, please contact us directly.

Meet the Herd

The horses that assist our sessions are Brumbys, which are specifically suited to this kind of work due to their hyper-sensitivity, natural instincts and heightened awareness. I have trained and spent considerable time understanding each horse, and know the intricate details of their personality.