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“There is no denying the wild horse in us.”
– Virginia Woolf


A big-hearted adventure story about a young woman, three Brumbies and “dingo mongrel” Fox…She guides her readers to understand how incredible Brumbies are and how strong the human-brumby bond can be. The three photo-insert sections in this book are astonishingly good…she wrote about the highlights, especially about so many people who supported her; and she wrote about the difficulties, including physical injuries and mental stress…I love the way she describes the beautiful, vast country she covers”. Ref


Alienor le Gouvello recalls her 5330km Australian outback trek as, “That feeling of freedom, just my horses, myself and nature…”
Wild at Heart captures your heart with intrigue, compelling readers to step into the pages and alluring photography, joining Alienor on her life-changing expedition, where she formed unexpected and profound bonds with her Brumbies.
Through sickness to isolation, great Australian bush comradery, physical and mental ailments, self-reflection, unexpected love, and an appreciation of life and nature, Alienor’s story will inspire you to trust yourself and your journey, while rethinking your relationship with animals and the land on which you live.
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Alienor le Gouvello has always been driven to learn about life and herself, challenging her limits and life skills. Born in France, Alienor first visited Australia when she was 20. What was supposed to be a three (3) week Australian holiday resulted in delaying the flight back home to France due to her love for the Aussie outback. Over 18 years later, Alienor has a lot to share.
Having worked for over twelve years on and off with the Indigenous youth in the communities of the central desert of Australia, led Alienor to being comfortable with the outback and nature. While working with Indigenous youth, she learned their language and culture, teaching her life skills based on living off the land, empathy and grasping new ways to thrive.
During her adventures, she completed a horseback and motorbike expedition from Siberia to Paris. Alienor has also lived in Brazil, Bahia, and India.
Then, in 2015, she trekked from Healesville, Victoria, to Cooktown in North Qld, with three (3) freshly trained wild brumbies. This new adventure embraced Alienor’s passion for horses. Little did she know that what seemed like another memory to add to her life experiences would result in the publication of her memoir, Wild at Heart.
Throughout the trek, Alienor struggled and triumphed. But, what she realised was that brumbies are animals of incredible adaptation, tolerance, and are highly trainable. They are also extremely kind and reliable. She believes that her horses were the true heroes of her expedition. They navigated the trek without illness and injury due to their sensible, smart, self-preserving intuition and inner compass.
After the trek with her brumbies, Alienor knew her next step was to support others through the healing powers of horses.
Today, Alienor lives with her family on the Sunshine Coast in Qld and owns and operates Wild at Heart Equine Assisted Therapy.